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Return & Cancellation Policies

Terms of Change - Claim of product

1. Customer is able to refuse to accept such product if the problem is found such as wrong model, color, unfulfilled amount, etc.

2. Customer must firstly notify the problem of claim-return of the product in every case at Komnit Call Center Tel.0236566648

3. Incomplete product due to the product itself or the installation by Komnit are able to notify for the change/return provided that the inspection for proving shall be proceeded.

4. Komnit shall contact to inform the result of inspection, if it does not contrary with the condition and the new product is available, the preferable channel to change-return for the customer shall be inquired and make an appointment to deliver the product.

5. Do not accept the change-return if the product is used or in the event that the customer claims for the change without any cause from the product itself.

Terms for the Cancellation of Purchase and Return of Product

Should the problem occurred upon the receipt of product and/or service, the Company reserves the rights to consider accepting the return of product in accordance with the specified condition provided that the consideration of Komnit shall be deemed final.

Customer is able to return the product together with the documentary evidence referring to the purchase to the Company in the complete condition, under the followings condition:

1. Product must not be defective/damaged causing by customer's action.

2. Receipt/Document confirming the payment from the bank or the email and the sale slip/tax invoice, destination address from courier service in the plastic bag on the package (in case of the product is delivered by courier service) must be attached to the product.

3. Product must be unused, the product brand or price tag must be intact and the product's box or package must be in the complete condition, warranty document, manual and compatible equipment of the product.

4. Product must be under the condition determined by the manufacturer and shall not fall into the condition of non-returnable product.

5. Product provided under the condition of promotion such as premium, exchangeable product, purchasing product, etc. must be returned together with the major product.

6. Expense incurred from the transportation of the returning product, gift wrapping cost, special package, installation and other Service Fee are non-refundable.

Remark: The following products are not refundable.

Audio Visual: Television, Stereo, CD player, DVD Player, Blu-ray and etc.

IT Computer & Electronic: Computers, Mobile phones, cameras and etc.

Special Made to Order products

Clearance/Special price products

Products have a limited period of use.

Komnit will not accept returned product if it is returned because it does not suit the customers' personal tastes and styles.

**To Change or Claim the products, Customer need to notify the problem within 14 days after received the shipments or services. We can replace the product within 7-14 days or else we can change you another model or cancel an order.

"Product carries the warrant from manufacturer and leading importer of the country in order to enhance trust to the purchaser to have the product with quality and excellent after-sale satisfaction directly from the service center.

As for claiming the product and further questioning for information related to the product, please contact our after-sale service center"

Channels for the Change-Return of Product

If the problem occurred upon receiving the product and/or service, please contact Komnit Call Center Tel. 0236566648.

Upon receiving change-return confirmation for the product and service from Komnit, customer can personally contact any branches Komnit (Under the condition of change-return of the product) at the Customer Care Department.

Refund the price of product and service

Komnit reserves the rights to not refund the price of products and services in Cash for every cases. Komnit will refund an amount to customer by these following method:

1. Refund Note: Refund as a coupon to be used as cash for purchasing Komnit's product or service by return within 7 days after the Company's confirmation to accept the return.

2. Transfer into account: Refund to the customer's bank account by return within 7-15 days after the Company's confirmation to accept the return.

3. Credit voucher: Payment will be released back to the card you used to make payment. This process is depending on the card issuing bank.

• Release back to Credit Card within 7-15 working days
• Return back to Debit Card within 30-45 working days